You are having or had a baby..?


Pudding Club Fitness is right for you if...

You need a safe and effective workout that will support your changing body in pregnancy

You want to feel fit and strong for labour and delivery

You need an appropriate transition from a mainstream class or gym to continue exercising with 'baby on board'

You want to feel the benefits of an improved mental-health and well-being

You are in the early postnatal stage or had a baby some time ago and want to feel good in your own skin - strengthen or tone up

You have 'mummy tummy' (diastasis recti) or a weak pelvic floor and are unsure about what exercises to perform

You are a mother who had children years ago but needs a push in the right direction

You want to combat loneliness and make new mum friends

What to expect...

Pudding Club Fitness (PCF) is a gym-free specialist exercise service, running in local church halls and outdoor areas within the Bexley Borough. The service provides safe, effective and progressive classes to improve the fitness and well-being of women in pregnancy and motherhood. The classes are a fun and friendly environment to meet other like-minded women looking to keep active.

PCF specialises in using exercises which improve the strength and function of key muscle groups, the core and pelvic floor without the need for crunches or burpees. Functional training techniques are used to mimic how you move to ensure every woman is capable of getting through daily life and everyday activities whether pregnant or postnatal. 

If your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness or kickstart an active lifestyle then Pudding Club Fitness will provide you with a great starting point.