For those who love the outdoors…


Park & Press-Ups

This class incorporates interval training in an outdoor setting to support long-term parenthood. It acts as a good stepping stone in helping you build and maintain strength, stamina and endurance in your body in a way that is both safe and effective.

Your postnatal recovery takes time and can vary for a variety of reasons but as a general rule, the ‘Park & Press-Ups’class is suitable for you to begin from 6 months and onwards. If you are new a mum, it is advisable to begin with the ‘Core & Floor Fit’* class as an entry/return into exercise.

*We do advise that you see a Women's Health Physio, e.g. Mummy MOT, to perform a deeper examination of your body prior to exercise

Why choose outdoor functional training over a mainstream class?

  • you are trained by an experienced and qualified postnatal instructor

  • it exposes you to the benefits of being outdoors - scenery, sunshine (vitamin D), fresh air

  • it shows how to use outdoor equipment for an effective workout e.g. benches, steps, trees

  • it trains the female form so you can get the best out of your body

  • it develops your fitness, stamina and endurance

  • it encourages weight loss, a healthy lifestyle and better nutrition

  • it is a safe and friendly environment to meet new mums and make new friends.

  • your little is able to come along in a buggy, in wellies or with a ball


What to expect…

Participation in the class requires completion of a pre-screening health check form (PAR-Q)* before attending. This is to ensure that the exercises planned are appropriate, beneficial and encourage progress (*see the 'Waiver & Screening Form' tab above)

The class is delivered in a 45 minute circuit format to provide diversity where each session works through warm up moves, cardio pushing intervals to increase the heart rate/burn fat and the use of resistance bands to tighten and tone key muscle groups used in everyday ‘motherhood’.

Park & Press-Ups is suitable for all fitness levels with options and exercise modifications given where necessary.

*** Please check with a medical professional that it is advisable for you to exercise, especially if you have any medical conditions***

Park & Press-Ups Timetable

10.00am - 11.00am

(weather dependent - not January & February)


Russell Park, Long Lane Entrance, DA7 5AR


Trial/Individual Class = £10

5-Week Course Block = £40

6-Week Course Block = £48

7-Week Course Block = £56